Our Team

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Mr. Ou Zheng is a software scientist who has worked on the process of developing web-based algorithm and creating data visualization tools. He has developed several web-based applications, including one web-based simulator called Real-time Team Oriented Simultaneous Localization & Mapping for the interaction between the Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) sensors and environment and a web-based 3D simulation called Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Visualization Tool to analyze the behaviors of natural bees. Mr. Zheng also has participated in multiple big data visualization projects. He extracted spatial and temporal features of New York taxi drivers’ behavior for the last decade, and visualized the information on a map of Manhattan. Mr. Zheng also has worked on the Parallel Data Processing Pipeline Analysis project of StackExchange that analyzed 27.5 million posts from 6.5 million users’ information across several hundred XML files in a HDFS cluster with parallel data processing pipeline. His development successfully helped the company obtain its users’ behaviors and determine the target user groups.