1. Hassan Abdelwahab
    Exploring the Viability of Non-Conventional Accident Modeling Techniques in Enhancing Traffic Safety Research
    (graduated – Spring 2002). Currently, Professor and Chair at Cairo University
  2. M. Fathy Abdalla
    Modeling Multiple Route Choice Paradigms Under Different Types and Levels of ATIS Using Correlated Data
    (graduated – Fall 2003). Currently, Consultant in Tampa, FL
  3. Anurag Pande
    Applying Hybrid Models for Real-Time Crash Risk Assessment on Freeways
    (graduated – Fall 2005). Currently, Professor at CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, CA
  4. Xuesong Wang
    Safety Analysis at Signalized Intersections considering Spatial, Temporal and Site Correlation
    (graduated – Fall  2006). Currently, Professor: Tongji University, Shanghai
  5. Abhishek Das
    Analyses of Crash Occurrence and Injury Severities on Multilane Arterials using Machine Learning Algorithms
    (graduated — Fall 2009). Currently, Consultant at Cambridge Systematics, Washington DC
  6. Kirolos Haleem
    Comprehensive Analytical Investigation of the Safety of Unsignalized Intersections
    (graduated Fall 2009). Currently, Associate Professor at the University of Western Kentucky
  7. Hany Hassan
    Improving Traffic Safety and Driver Behavior in Reduced Visibility
    (graduated Summer 2011). Currently, Assistant Professor at the Louisiana State University
  8. Chowdhury Siddiqui
    Macroscopic Crash Analysis and its Implications for Transportation Safety Planning and Management
    (graduated Spring 2012). Currently at South Carolina DOT
  9. Mohamed Ahmed
    Multi-Level Safety Performance Functions for High-Speed Facilities
    (graduated Spring 2012). Currently, Professor at the University of Cincinnati.
  10. Rongjie Yu
    Real-Time Traffic Safety Evaluation Models and their Application for Variable Speed Limits
    (graduated Summer 2013). Currently, Professor at Tongji University, China.
  11. Jaeyoung Lee
    Development of Traffic Safety Zones and Integrating Macroscopic and Microscopic Safety Data Analytics for Novel Hot Zone Identification
    (graduated Spring 2014), Currently, Professor at Central South University, China.
  12. Muamer Abuzwidah
    Traffic Safety Assessment of Different Toll Collection Systems on Expressways using Multiple Analytical Techniques
    (graduated Fall 2014). Currently, Assistant Professor at the University of Sharjah
  13. Qi Shi
    Urban Expressway Safety and Efficiency Evaluation and Improvement Using Big Data
    (graduated Fall 2014). Currently, Entrepreneur in China
  14. Khalid Alkaaf
    Transferability and Calibration of the Highway Safety Manual Performance Functions and Development of New Models for Urban Four-Lane Divided Roads
    (graduated Fall 2014), Oman government
  15. Juneyoung Park
    Exploration and Development of Crash Modification Factors and Functions for Single and Multiple Treatments
    (graduated Summer 2015), Associate Professor at the Hanyang University, Korea
  16. Ling Wang
    Microscopic Safety Evaluation and Prediction for Special Expressway Facilities
    (graduated Summer 2016), Associate Professor at the Tongji University, Shanghai
  17. Jung-Han Wang
    Evaluation of Crash Modification Factors and Functions Including Time Trends at Intersections
    (graduated Summer 2016), Currently, Director of Citi Bank, Tampa
  18. Qing Cai
    Integrating the Macroscopic and Microscopic Traffic Safety Analysis Using Hierarchical Models
    (graduated Summer 2017), Currently, Waymo
  19. Yina Wu
    Improving Safety under Reduced Visibility Based on Multiple Countermeasures and Approaches including Connected Vehicles
    (graduated Fall 2017) Currently,
  20. Samer Alamili
    Dynamic Hotspot Identification for Limited Access Facilities using Temporal Traffic Data
    (graduated Spring 2018), Currently, Assistant Professor in Iraq
  21. Saif Alarifi
    Hierarchical Corridor Safety Analysis Using Multiple Approaches
    (graduated Spring 2018), Currently, Assistant Professor at King Saud University, KSA
  22. Ahmed Farid
    Investigating and Facilitating the Transferability of Safety Performance Functions
    (graduated Spring 2018), Currently, CalPoly
  23. Khalid Alkahtani
    Safety Investigation of Traffic Crashes Incorporating Spatial Correlation Effects
    (graduated Summer 2018), Assistant Professor, King Saud University, KSA
  24. Moatz Saad
    Safety, Operation, and Design Analyses of Managed Toll and Connected Vehicles’ Lanes
    (graduated Summer 2019), Currently, Consultant in Miami
  25. Md. Sharikur Rahman
    Assessing the Safety and Operational Benefits of Connected and Automated Vehicles: Application of Platooning and CAV Managed Lanes
    (graduated Summer 2019), Currently, Oregon DOT.
  26. Jinghui Yuan
    Arterial-Level Real-Time Safety Evaluation in the Context of Proactive Traffic Management
    (graduated Summer 2019).
  27. Whoi Bin Chung
    Development of Decision Support System for Active Traffic Management Systems Considering Travel Time Reliability,
    (graduated Summer 2019), Currently, VA DOT
  28. Lishengsa Yue
    Evaluating the Safety Effectiveness of Advanced Driver Assistance and Connected Vehicles Technologies in Different Pre-Crash Scenarios,
    (graduated Spring 2020), Currently at the Tongji University.
  29. YaoBang Gong
    Improving Traffic Safety and Efficiency by Adaptive Signal Control Systems Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning,
    (graduated Spring 2020), Currently at the University of Maryland.
  30. Md. Hasibur Rahman
    Evaluation of Safety and Mobility Benefits of Connected Vehicles by Considering V2V, V2I, and V2P Technologies.
    (graduated Summer 2020), Currently, FDOT.
  31. Nada Mahmoud
    Safety and Operations of Urban Arterials Incorporating the Context Classification System 
    (graduated Spring 2021)
  32. Shile Zhang
    Improving Pedestrian Safety Using Video Data, Surrogate Safety Measures, and Deep Learning
    (graduated Spring 2021), Currently, Assistant Professor, Nanjing
  33. Pei Li
    Real-Time Traffic Safety Evaluation in the Context of Connected Vehicles and Mobile Sensing
    (graduated Summer 2021), Currently at the University of Wisconsin
  34. Zubayer Islam
    Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Improve the Safety and Mobility of the Urban Transportation System Using Infrastructure- and Vehicle-Based Sensors
    (graduated Summer 2021), Currently at UCF
  35. Ma’en Al-Omari
    Evaluation of Unconventional Signalized Intersections on Arterial Roads and a Proposition for a Novel Intersection Design
    (graduated Fall 2021), Currently, FL Turnpike
  36. Amr Abdelraouf
    A Deep-Learning Approach for Spatiotemporal-Data-Driven Traffic State Estimation
    (graduated Spring 2022), Currently at Toyota
  37. Ou Zheng