Driving Visual Environment Detection


High-Resolution driving environment extraction and analytics in a large scale


Key features of our system

High-Resolution Analysis

High Robustness

High Accuracy

Large-Scale Image Analytics

Semantic Segmentation

Depth Estimation

3D Driving Environment Estimation

Fusion of Deep Learning Detection and Explainable Machine Learning

System Overview

This system, is to extract and understand driving visual environment along roads by using street view images (e.g., Google Street View Panorama) and videos from cameras on vehicles. Semantic segmentation and depth estimation are conducted first to get the clustering and depth information at each pixel in images or videos. Then, the orthographic transformation is applied to transfer the 2D images to 3D images, which reflect driving visual view in the real world. Based on the proposed system, the following information could be generated from street view images and videos:


The system can be applied for images and videos at the street-level which are collected at different types of road facilities, such as freeways, arterials, intersections, bike lanes, and sidewalks

Miles Roads
Street View Images
Funded Projects

Our Performance

Accuracy – 90%+
Scalability Level – 85%+
Robustness – 80%+

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